Our Story

Casa Del Sol Boutique was founded in 2023 by Erika & Nick, a sun-loving couple with the urge to shape a brand around life in the rays. We wanted to be a store where goods from around the world could be bought, with products ranging from the USA, Portugal, Thailand, Australia, and even our very own Sarasota.

Our past lives were full of traveling and living abroad and with every place we traveled to, we returned with a special keepsake. Every single thing we’ve purchased during our travels still gives us joy to this day. We wanted to give people a chance to purchase not just things, but apparel and goods that would last just as long as their memories made from their time spent under the siesta sun.

Keeping with the theme, we offer goods that are made for life in the rays. From reef-friendly suncare to linen shirts to custom towels, we can take you from the sandy shores of Siesta Key Beach to wherever the rays take you. 

As we grow and as we learn we strive to continue bringing you goods that align with our philosophy of sustainability, community, and a life well lived under the sun.